Enabling a whole new sales channel

everyone wins

Teens get the goods, parents gain control, and online merchants have opened their doors to teen purchases.

Parents gain

Parents receive a link which clearly displays the teens video request, the website, and the items they selected.   With a simple click of a button, they approve and complete the purchase. 

With AskToPay

Teens can send parents payment requests, in a clear, organized and fun manner.


The Tee

 ​The AskToPay Teen revolution

It is easy, fast and most of all - secure!


Teen clicks on AskToPay as payment method


Teen records a short video asking parent to purchase the items.


Teen shares the video, website, and chosen items with parent via SMS, What'sApp, or Messenger.


Parent approves and fills out payment details

Why connect your online Shop to askToPay ?




Boost your sales

By adding AskToPay, you will reach a whole new range of buyers, who don't have credit cards but can send to someone who does!

Fast onboarding

AsktoPay is connected to the top eCommerce platforms. If you are using Woocommerce \ Magento \ DemandWare or other eCommerce platform, you just need to add our plugin \ extension, or you can choose to work  with our simple Rest API.

Same Payment Provider

No intervention with your payment provider! Keep your current working mode, we cater to you!

Why teenagers

will choose askTopay ?

Intuitive to the Z generation

We speak their language!  Selfie cams, sharing, and instant gratification.  Now they can get what they want, without having to nag.

No account Registration

There are no downloads, no account registrations, no filling out lengthy forms.  They simply click, record, and send!  

Secure and yet simplE

Robust technology and utmost privacy allows teens to send requests, and parents to pay in their secured environment.

Kids and Teens can already buy at Amazon

Let them buy on your website as well!

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